Dec 6, 2009

First Dogsledding Run of the Season!

Well it was a foggy day here in Carcross. Bennett Lake is not frozen let and the extra moisture evaporating from the lake can't be absorbed by the atmosphere and so low clouds, approximating a fog, and known in the north as ice fog, forms in the valley. Yesterday is was very localized, as a five minute drive out of Carcross took you to a sunny blue-sky day, while in Carcross it was dreary all day. After lunch Brook took Shale to a local craft show and he made his first salted dough ornament.
Later in the afternoon we hooked up Keeper, Mikisew and Chance and took Shale for his first ever dogsled run. I hope you like the videos showing the excitement of the dogs and a little bit of us on the trail. Next time we will use our handy cam instead of our point-and-shoot digital so should get a better footage. Cheers,

Dec 2, 2009

Mountain Donkey's Mayhem

I haven't got to much to share tonight, other than that I'm excited that my little boy Shale got his new spiffy snow suit in the mail. I took him out for a kick sledding ride around town in my dogsled and tomorrow will be his maiden run with our little three dog team. I'll try to grab some pictures of his first dogsledding adventure. In the mean time, here is a neat video of some people we know who live near Carcross. They use their donkeys to travel in the mountains. Cool!