Feb 8, 2009

Learning How to use my blogspot

Just testing if I can place an html link in my post.  Here is a link back to our webpage.  
www.cabinfeveradventures.com  and now I will see if it will let me add a picture in the post.  Next I am learning about the slideshow feature....I wonder what I can do with that......

Feb 3, 2009

I can't believe I'm a blogger!

Hello All!

Well, this is my first efforts as a blogger.   I am up in Ross River, Yukon Territory right now.  The weather is pretty nice.......working hard on our tourism business......wondering if folks will be a position to travel with all the economic chaos going on.  The mountains will still be there.....money comes and goes.   I hope the land can stay strong and that our solutions to our economies are not even less care for our environment than usual.  I am a firm believer that the economy is a sub-system of the planet, but somehow there are people out there who think the planet is a derivative of the economy.  We are in deep trouble if that attitude doesn't change.  I look forward to having a place to write and express.  I get it now......blogging is the journaling or diary keeping of the new millennium.