Nov 30, 2009

Fishing from the bridge!

Monday morning....back to the grind. Well, at least Sunday afternoon was fun. Our good friends Gabor and Jen came for a visit. We went for a short snowmobile ride to the Carcross Desert and Gabor did some snowboarding while Shale and I went sliding and Jen provided shuttle runs with the snowmobile and worked on her driving skills. Latter we went and picked a Christmas tree for Jen and Gabor to put up in their house. We returned to Carcross along the shore of Bennett Lake, which is still not frozen, as we have been having a mild start to our winter.

Once back at home Gabor and I went fishing from the walking bridge and were successful at catching a nice dinner of arctic grayling.

Nov 27, 2009

Friday night in Carcross Yukon

Well, Friday night in sleepyville, Canada....aka Carcross Yukon, population 300 or so! Our little boy Shale is having his bottle to go to sleep, and the 40 year old virgin movie entertains on the tube.....on the bright can see the stars when you look out the window......and no sounds of sirens passing in the night........yep...pretty quiet! Tomorrow Brook is off to teach a first aid course, in Tagish, the bustling community of 300 only 3o minutes drive away ( its pretty crowded in the southern Yukon ) Shale and I will hold down the fort tomorrow..........and maybe go for a slide on the snowy hill at the "Carcross Desert"

Nov 26, 2009

Back to the Blog!

Hey folks......not sure if there is anyone out there listening....but I'm talking. Going to master this social media stuff and maybe make some friends along the way.....stay tuned!